The importance of video in your online marketing strategy


There are a few important reasons why you should be making video a central part of your online marketing strategy:

According to Hootsuite:

“organic traffic on Facebook has dropped by 10% since last year”,

However, the highest engagement rate is with posts that include a video. Furthermore, a Facebook video gets 135% more organic reach than a photo, 500 million people watch Facebook videos every day for a total of more than 100 million hours. Those are some heavy numbers!

Therefore the best way to get organic (non-paid) is with video. In addition, Facebook Live videos drive 6X more interactions than non-live videos!!

A key part of your branding strategy should include video. A video will help display your uniqueness, differentiator and help convey your personal, honest and authentic brand.

Lastly, once you’ve posted a video to Facebook, you can run a re-targeting campaign to people who have watched it. A Facebook re-targeting campaign is a great, and cost-effective way to run a targeted campaign to people who are already aware of your brand and are more likely to re-engage and ultimately become a customer.